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Dream of euglena

Director: Mikiya SANADA

Cast: Takuya FUJI, Hiroki HORIKAWA, Yoshino IMAMURA, Nahoko YOSHIMOTO, Kazuma SANO, Shiiko UTAGAWA, Tomoharu HASEGAWA, Masahiro TODA

Genre: Comedy

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 86 min. / Japan’s Release: 2020]

[Festival Record]

Official Selection: SKIP CITY D-Cinema International Film Festival 2019


A pair of parking guards, Makoto and Shige, they are dispatched from a private company and are employed by the country as public servants.  They crack down on illegal parking relentlessly, and because of their appearance, they are called “Euglena,” green tiny organism.  Makoto, a straight arrow, strictly clamps down all the unlawful parking cars, but Shige, a loose cannon, pardons girls who park illegally.  These two people receive a business request at a downtown area in the middle of the night because they’ll get more money than doing in the daytime.  However, night-time working becomes totally different then usual.


©"Midorimushi no Yume" Production Committee

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