ghost mask -scar-

Director: Takeshi SONE
Cast: Yukari AKANE / Yuha LEE / Sou HIROSAWA / Yona CHOI / Eun-woo LEE

Genre: Thriller / Horror

Theatrical Release in Japan: October 2019

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 83 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


[Festival Records]

Winner: Best Cinematography - Amsterdam Film Festival

Winner: Rising Star Award - Canada International Film Festival

Winner: Best Horror Feature Award - Tabloid Witch Award

Official Selection - Montréal World Film Festival - Focus On World Cinema​

Official Selection - Madrid International Film Festival

Official Selection - FrightFest London

Official Selection - Symi International Film Festival

Official Selection - Guam International Film Festival

Official Selection - Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Official Selection - Sanford International Film Festival

Official Selection - LUSCA Caribbean Fantastic Film Festival

Official Selection - Torremolinos Fantastic Film Festival



Miyu travels from Japan to Seoul, Korea trying to track down her older sister who has been missing for two years. Shortly after she arrives she meets plastic surgeon Hana, who invites her home to meet her lover Hyoshin. The three women cohabitate as Miyu’s search for her sister intensifies meanwhile Hyoshin, haunted by disturbing nightmares, becomes suspicious of Hana and Miyu’s relationship.

A tragic story of two Japanese sisters separated at childhood and plagued by jealousy, negligence and abandonment, GHOST MASK: SCAR is directed and shot by prolific cinematographer Takeshi Sone (he also shot recent festival hit ONE CUT OF THE DEAD) and features a ricocheting narrative that comes together beautifully in a bloody, gonzo final act.


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