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Kon Kon

Director: Hatsuki Yoko-o
Cast: Kenshin ENDO (Liverleaf / 2018, Nozomi / 2020, A Winter Rose / 2022) / Miu SHIOTA (Kids on the Slope / 2018) / Akira OHASHI / Ayu MORI / Haruka NAKAYAMA / RYUSHIN / Tensei MATSUDA / Wataru HASHIMOTO / Shunji TAGAWA / Kimihiko TACHIKAWA / EISHIN / Kumiko ENDO

Genre: Romance

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2023 / 2.35:1 / Color / 2ch / 98 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Kensei is a college student living an ordinary life and has a shocking encounter with his classmate Umi. Kensei, who is not good at talking to girls, is somewhat at odds with the energetic Umi, and although he is perplexed by her opposite of himself, he is drawn to her by her mysterious charm. Even after they start dating, Kensei is still unable to understand Umi's straightforward personality.

Kensei gazes at the beach where he was supposed to come with Umi and thinks back to those "special" days. Was it the overflowing love she held in her heart? The dynamic Umi and the rational Kensei. This is a story of "love" between two opposites.



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