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Whispering Stillness

Director: Rei SAKAMOTO
Cast: Maki NISHIYAMA / Shingo MIZUSAWA / Giiko / Yuna / Kiyomi ITOH

Kazuhiro SANO / Yota KAWASE / Ryuju KOBAYASHI

Genre: Suspense / Drama / Erotic

Status: Completed

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2023 / 2.35:1 / Color / 5.1ch / 103 min. / R-18 / Japanese with English subtitles]


Masayuki, who works for a publishing company, and his wife Ryoko were an ordinary couple. However, their lives changed drastically five years ago when their then 5-year-old daughter Akina suddenly disappeared and went missing. After that event, Masayuki and Ryoko's marriage had completely cooled off. Seeking the slightest clue, the couple calls for information and meets a woman, Rina, who helps them distribute flyers. As if to fill the hole in Ryoko's heart that her child has left, she becomes absorbed in her interactions with Rina, who is about to give birth...

二人静 - ポスター


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